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Title: HippoEDIT 1.61.49 released
Post by: alex on October 14, 2017, 01:09:58 am
HippoEDIT 1.61 for Win 32 bit (Unicode) (http://www.hippoedit.com/download/hippou161_pdb.exe)
HippoEDIT 1.61 for Win 64 bit (Unicode) (http://www.hippoedit.com/download/hippo64_161_pdb.exe)
HippoEDIT 1.61 for Win 32 bit (Non-Unicode) (http://www.hippoedit.com/download/hippo161_pdb.exe)

*All installers contain PDB files for better crash reporting, so sizes are rather big (approx 24 mb), but this does not influence performance.

HippoEDIT 1.61.49 is out:
I have decided to switch back to "beta" mode for update builds and keep release build stable without updates. To be updated more seldom. The reason for this - frequent blocks from antivirus programs (http://wiki.hippoedit.com/faq/antivirus-false-positive) (e.g Symantec Norton Antivirus). Except for minor version update and no direct link on the website for betas, the process is same as before.

Live Colors plugin from version 1.60 is not supported, you need to use 1.61 adopted plugin version found under links below. Download and install the bundle file (works for any HippoEDIT architecture, e.g x86/x64). The online repository not supporting yet different versions of plugins for different HippoEDIT versions.

Live Colors plugin bundle for HippoEDIT 1.61 (http://www.hippoedit.com/download/plugins_alt/live-colors-161-pdb.hebundle)