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Syntax Files / Simple syntax
« on: June 12, 2011, 11:20:47 pm »
I am trying to get my spec file right for a posting language for a CAM program.  It uses very simple syntax.  A procedure is defined with a name that begins with "p" (ie pnum_2) and is the first character on the line.
prdrlout        #R drill position
      if cuttype = one, refht_a = refht$ + (rotdia$ / two)
      else, refht_a = refht$
      refht_i = refht$ - initht$
      if cuttype = three, refht_a = w$
      if absinc$ = zero, refht_a, !refht_i
      else, refht_i, !refht_a

the procdure is closed with either the next procedure opening or end of file.

Can anybody help create the <scope> syntax to open and close these procedures.  I am adapting the bash_spec.xml file for my language.


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