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Beta Version Test (minor) / Re: HippoEDIT 1.61.49 released
« on: January 26, 2018, 01:39:39 pm »

Sorry for delay with response - I am on vacation and will be back after 3rd of February.

Normally, I first do the fix in 2.x development branch and then downport them to 1.6x branch. So, yes , changes from 1.6x is also available in 2.x. The only thing, that because I do not release both branches in same time, it maybe some temporary difference.

Best regards,

Хорошо, конечно, что теперь все Ок, но я воспроизвести так и не смог.
Не думаю, что это связано с архитектурой или вариантом установки.
Скорее всего это какой то HippoEDIT планиг/скрипт запускается или внешняя тулза.


думал, это только специфика не юникодовой версии (я и не думал, что ее еще используют, особенно если не ангоязычные), но нет - у меня все работает без проблем.
В обеих версиях. Пример один в один? Может там в коде русский текст?

C уважением,

General Discussion / Re: HippoEDIT won't launch?
« on: November 09, 2017, 12:04:23 am »
Hi Stephen,

thanks for the info. 15Mbs is not big, and shall not lead to problems... But that one bigger than default limit for asynchronous loading (10mbs) and maybe it is a combination word wrap and async loading that leads to hanging. I remember I did some optimization here (but probably only for 2.0).

I have checked it with HE 2.0 and 20mbs untitled text file and it was working without problems. So, let us think it is fixed ;)

BR, Alex.

General Discussion / Re: HippoEDIT won't launch?
« on: November 08, 2017, 04:53:28 pm »
Hello Stephen,

I would expect, that after a crash, you will get a popup on start, asking you, if you want to restore open files or start empty workspace... But maybe the crash is not detected because it actually hangs...

Yes, you can go in %APPDATA%\HippoEDIT\workspaces and check in file default.hewsp in Files node and delete the file making troubles. Or, if you have pasted the content in "Untitled" file, you will find that file also aside, so you can delete it. It can be also clipboard content or undo history that is loading so long. It stored in the same directory by name *.heclip and *.heundo files. You will see if they are too big.

Please share with me what was a reason for hanging. It shall not be like that even in case the file is too big. Maybe this is fixable.

BR, Alex.

Beta Version Test (minor) / HippoEDIT 1.61.49 released
« on: October 14, 2017, 01:09:58 am »
HippoEDIT 1.61 for Win 32 bit (Unicode)
HippoEDIT 1.61 for Win 64 bit (Unicode)
HippoEDIT 1.61 for Win 32 bit (Non-Unicode)

*All installers contain PDB files for better crash reporting, so sizes are rather big (approx 24 mb), but this does not influence performance.

HippoEDIT 1.61.49 is out:
I have decided to switch back to "beta" mode for update builds and keep release build stable without updates. To be updated more seldom. The reason for this - frequent blocks from antivirus programs (e.g Symantec Norton Antivirus). Except for minor version update and no direct link on the website for betas, the process is same as before.

  • Fixed. Hanging on Find Next with Search Dialog.
  • Fixed. Regular expression search with line start marker works incorrectly.
  • Fixed. Crash on HippoEDIT start when using invalid regular expression definition in syntax specification
  • Fixed. Incorrect word wrap calculation for line with extra large lead indent
  • Fixed. Bounds for view offsets now checked and normalized, in overflow case
  • Fixed. Crash on Undo of encoding change after document editing.
  • Fixed. "Standard" Unicode code page for saving files changed from UTF 16 LE to UTF-8

Live Colors plugin from version 1.60 is not supported, you need to use 1.61 adopted plugin version found under links below. Download and install the bundle file (works for any HippoEDIT architecture, e.g x86/x64). The online repository not supporting yet different versions of plugins for different HippoEDIT versions.

Live Colors plugin bundle for HippoEDIT 1.61

Feature requests and suggestions / Re: Multiple selections: is it planned?
« on: September 25, 2017, 10:51:40 pm »
Hi north,

welcome on forum!
Sorry not yet. It will not come in 2.00, but hope can be added in 2.10.

Best regards,

Hi Eckart,

yes, reproduced. Thanks for the bug report, I will fix it in the new beta.
The issue is probably, that search starts in the second time, not from the beginning of the line, but from your cursor position, and logic recognize it as a buffer, line start.

BR, Alex.

Syntax Files / Re: Go lang: some functions not matched
« on: July 20, 2017, 03:09:10 pm »
To be precise: "some other missing" :)
Please validate this one:
Code: XML
  1. <Label group="Function" match="func\s+(?:(\([^\)]+?\))\s+)?(\w+)\s*(\([^\)]*?\))\s*(?:([^\{]+?)\s*)?\{" name="\1 \2 \3 \4" descr="\1" scope="1" image="18" style="function" highlight="\2"/>

You can try it with a syntax schema file attached - there are some other features added.

Усе получил, усе воспроизвел - спасибо. Как то связано с Word Count плагин - без нее работает.
Будем чинить.

Не надо так грустно :) Если проблема есть - мы ее отловим.
GMail твое письмо не пустил. Но посмотрю на оригинальном ящике.

Syntax Files / Re: Go lang: some functions not matched
« on: July 11, 2017, 11:37:54 pm »
To get that working one need more complex regexp :) And who knows how long it will survive (at least until one would use () inside of the parameters section).
The Label definition from below shall work better:
Code: XML
  1. <Label group="Function" match="func\s+(?:(\([^\)]+?\))\s+)?(\w+)\s*(\([^\)]+?\))\s*(?:([^\{]+?)\s*)?\{" name="\1 \2 \3 \4" descr="\1" scope="1" image="18"/>

твоя информация мне не сильно помогла :) то работает, то не работает - это не системно :)

Мне надо конфигурация что НЕ работает. Можешь удалить все PDB будет меньше. В принципе и бинарники по началу можно не слать (если набор один в один как в инсталере).
Плюс твой файл и скриншот поиска. Чтобы я мог как можно точнее повторить.

Это сильно похоже на проблемму с установками. Проверь, у тебя точно в обоих случаях те же настройки поиска?
Может где-то wrap search не включен или в Search Only In стоит не Everywhere?

Можешь послать мне на supportbox тот архив что не пашет - я проверю.

Привет Саня,

что-то у меня не воспроизводится... С последней бетой (той же что и у тебя).
Пробовал на разных документах/размерах. С разными настройками.

Посмотрел изменения что я писал, они более относятся к Find All и многим документам.

Давай поробуй воспроизвести :) Скорее всего нужен будет файл и настройки поиска.

С уважением,

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