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FAQ / Re: You have purchased HippoEDIT but do not receive a license key
« on: September 16, 2012, 02:14:36 pm »
Hi leonwong, please note that Alex is out of the house till 23. of September (see the top of this page)
After his return he will take an look into your issue. Thank you for being patient.

Hi and welcome.

Of course you can select block-wise with HippoEDIT, just use Ctlr+Alt plus an Arrow-key (up/down/left/right)

See point 4) of that thread for more =>

I just wonder how to do that, as i need it currently too.

My problem:
Right now, an zero-width selection is just an straight vertical line.
Even at the right end of lines from several different length.

For example the code from above:

<li>line item 1             |
<li>another line item 1 |
<li>short line item        |
<li>very short line item|

But that can be done by an non-zero-width selection too.

Is it possible to have an (easy accessible) option to switch the zw-selection behaviour,
to behave, if this sw-sel is done on the right side of EOL, to go left right behind the last sign ?

<li>line item 1|
<li>another line item 1|
<li>short line item|
<li>very short line item|

Example vid:

This should be work easy, but i can also imagine an new option "find EOL and put selection right after" as second step.
But i find an switch option " vertical line/at EOL" more useful.

Or do i miss something?
I know regex s&r, scripting and code templates, but this feature is too important too make it complicated for average users.

FAQ / Re: How to add new file template
« on: January 24, 2012, 11:44:24 am »
from what I can tell there is no <TemplatesDirectory> inside it for some reason.
I think this is due the fact the defaults are not stored to config file. (I have not such entry too in my config)
Only if you use other values then factory default, then this is written to the config.
(but i don't know if is anyhow possible to relocate the templates folder?)

I use HippoEDIT 1.49.822 as portable on XP and
"File->New->Manage File Templates" works for me,
WinEx opens with "D:\rive\pathTo\HippoEDIT\data\templates"
(i can test on W7 too if needed)

Quote from: swu
the directory exists for me but still the FileExplorer doesn't pop up on Vista.
Can you post this path?
You can find the current ussed path to the "data" folder in "Help > About"
The "templates" folder is by default an sub-folder of "data".

Do you have 32- or 64-bit?
Do you have UAC enabled?

[...] but I think standard way for often used scripts, to create script tool.
Maybe. For often used/stored scripts. But tools should not be the standard way to organize scripts anyway. Only one way. Because to much fussiness. I would only recommend tools if i would need an shortcut.

My imagine of that menu is as:
  • Execute... "Browse for an script"  (start in \Scripts\ folders)
  • Execute last used script (name or tool tip with script name)
  • Execute > "pop-up with an history of the last ten scripts"
  • My Scripts > "pop-up with list of scanned files in scripts folder with sub-folders as pop-up menus"  (OK, ok, nearly the same as browse ;-) )
  • Set current doc in view as "last script" to execute  (just for temporary wrote scripts) Maybe as an replacement for your "Execute <current doc in view>"?

I find this more useful then "Execute <current doc in view>" because till now i never wanted to execute an script on its doc itself.

"Execute last used script" is for
* the script one would currently edit. Maybe not stored as script yet, and not at all set up as tool right now.
* using an stored script quickly again, without looking (browsing) for the right one over and over again. But just executing the last used script.

I can set it up as an tool, yes. But tomorrow i had to exchange the file name in that tool with the next script file.
But right now i just want to execute the script i am testing on over and over again.

Playing around with alpha 1.50 scripting feature i have found an need:

Under Tools menu i have
Execute <<current open document>>
Execute...  (to browse for an script)

At least it would be helpful to have
Execute last script
or rather
Execute <<name of last script>>

for an quicker access of the current used script.

If the plugins are located in an dedicated sub-folder
there is no need to "flag" an include-file, since only the user has to know that an file is meant to be an include-file.

Only if you see an problem for e.g. parsing the folder for script files to show them in an menu
and want to exclude the include files from that view, then i see only three ways:
* special file name-part for include files ( incFileName.ext  or
* dedicated folder for include files (\Scripts\Includes)
* magic string in header line (//i am an include file)

BTW, maybe you like to know my thought and want to consider this in your code :
i often have the need to "hide"/disable temporarily script file (e.g. tests, or to don't overload the menu, or to have scripts only for special tasks)
So, will you skip files which have no know script extension ( like .txt, or .disabled or .vbs_ )

And in the same meaning: i guess you will show all the scripts from script folder in an menu.
Since i have used a lot of scripts i had always the wish to be allowed to have sub-folders in the script folder
and the menu will show the sub-folder as pop-up/sub-menu in the main menu.
I mean: i f i have "Scripts\Test"  and  "Scripts\TextMani", i would like to have this sub categories in the menu too automatically.

Just my thought:
Plugins should be only taken as plugins if they are in the plugins sub-folder. Even an script as plugin.
For scripts meant to be an include for others, maybe define that there has to be a specific header line? Like: //include
Maybe the same for plugins: //plugin

If //include is found on an scan don't take this file as an stand alone script.
Only If //plugin is found on an scan execute this script as an plugin.

All other files without such line are meant as an script.

OK, moved service.hejs somewhere outside of the hippoedit folder and all works as you told.
I can restart HE and plugin is still there. I can disable plugin, restart, and plugin is still there.

I use "hippou150_pdb (DL 2011-11-07) 722 723.exe" Installed to "h:\Program Files\HippoEDIT150\" with option "portable" checked.
I have executed "h:\Program Files\HippoEDIT150\SCRIPTing\service.hejs".
All features are there as show above in screen shots.
I use File > Exit.
I go double clicking "h:\Program Files\HippoEDIT150\HippoEdit.exe"
All features are gone and the "service.hejs" is missing from Options > Plugins
I had to re-execute "service.hejs"

- - -

For an test I disabled "Output" and "Search" plugin to see if i have write access, clicked at [Apply] then HE crashed to me.
But after relaunch those plugins are disabled (and "service.hejs" is missed).  So storing that info works.

The runtimes should be recent as i have used the installer.  (But maybe i install 723 fresh in an not used folder? The last installation was to the "old working" folder)

hippoedit.config   2.148   08.11.2011 08:10   -a--
uninst.exe   204.480   07.11.2011 13:11   -a--
CrashReport.exe   77.824   07.11.2011 13:11   -a--
ShellReg.dll   57.344   07.11.2011 13:11   -a--
HippoEdit.exe   3.321.856   06.11.2011 16:54   -a--
HippoEdit.pdb   95.210.496   06.11.2011 16:54   -a--
EditLibu.dll   3.039.232   06.11.2011 16:46   -a--
GuiLibu.dll   602.112   06.11.2011 16:44   -a--
ToolsLibu.dll   385.024   06.11.2011 16:44   -a--
HippoEDIT.chm   309.547   06.11.2011 16:38   -a--
EditLibu.pdb   28.584.960   20.07.2011 00:31   -a--
GuiLibu.pdb   8.981.504   20.07.2011 00:28   -a--
ToolsLibu.pdb   5.164.032   20.07.2011 00:27   -a--
msvcr80.dll   632.656   14.05.2011 01:17   -a--
msvcp80.dll   554.832   14.05.2011 01:17   -a--
mfc80u.dll   1.093.120   13.05.2011 19:04   -a--
Microsoft.VC80.MFC.manifest   2.372   13.05.2011 19:04   -a--
Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest   1.870   13.05.2011 16:59   -a--
license.dat   2.048   12.07.2010 15:40   -a--
HippoEDIT.url   107   11.09.2009 23:58   -a--
license.txt   6.496   02.09.2008 18:39   -a--
license.xUSSR.txt   2.789   02.09.2008 18:39   -a--

I was able to disable the plugin as indented from option.
Then i enabled plugin again and re-launched HE. Service plugin is not anymore in plugin list. I have to execute service.hejs again.
I have checked as "portable" during installation. I have admin-rights on this pc. I have full access to ini on both pcs.

OK, i updated my screen shots above.  Nice work Alex, well done !

Alex> Was not sure about this your sentence "To remove this modifications from that plugin, simply restart HippoEDIT."
Alex> Generally, if you once started (Execute...) the script plugin file, it is automatically restarted next time you start hippoedit.
Alex> To disable it, you need to go to Tools->Options->Plugins and uncheck check box in-front of the plugin name.
Ahh there!. I disabled instead the checkbox before "Check me" but the output don't stop  ::)  Of course as i see now  ;D
But after an re-launch of HE the menu bar button and the test command are gone and the output has stopped.
(don't know why, didn't tested further. Note: i had no admin-rights)

Alex> And in your investigations you have not noticed,
I had not more time while at the job ATM  ;) . Just my launch break.

Please delete this post )or move it) if it wrong here.

I just have my lunch break while reading this and was thinking "what a bunch of news, how should i be able to manage to understand that all?"

But then i saw quickly what is it about, see pictures:



Still know nothing, but i will play with this for sure. Thanks.

To remove this modifications from that plugin, simply restart HippoEDIT.  Was false assuming. See below.

Exchange screen shots.

FAQ / Re: You have purchased HippoEDIT but do not receive a license key
« on: October 13, 2011, 04:38:28 pm »
Hi motocoder and welcome to the community!

Wow, I guess no one cares.

Please be patient. Not all is as quick as the internet :D

Maybe the developer is out of the house right now but i know he will take care as soon as possible, as usually.
I don't know why it takes longer in your case. Just wait a bit longer, thank you.

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