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General Discussion / Re: HippoEDIT won't launch?
« on: November 08, 2017, 07:20:59 pm »
Thanks Alex!

I was pretty sure there was a folder/file for this, I just didn't know where. ;-) (and everything is working again now)

I'm attaching an image of that folder on my drive... I believe the default_Untitled.tag file is likely the last big paste (~15MB?)

I'm not expecting to normally need to edit files this size... I think this was a case of I just copy/pasted data from elsewhere not knowing how big it was.

I don't recall if the app actually crashed... or if I just closed the app (either unresponsive... or I just didn't need it)... all I know is that it didn't re-open.

General Discussion / HippoEDIT won't launch?
« on: November 08, 2017, 03:59:33 pm »
I was using HippoEDIT, but after a large paste into a file, it won't re-launch.

I can see HippoEDIT.exe in my task manager as a process... but the GUI never launches.

Is there a temp file... or cache that I can flush? I'm guessing that it is trying to initialize with previous open files but is getting stuck.

I can re-install (and re-configure) if I have to, but I'm hoping that there is a "temp" file I can clear and just re-launch :-)

Thanks Alex,

I'm attaching that file to this reply (and then I will try your suggestion to clear it)

Update: I just deleted it, and yes my keyboard commands started working again, thanks so much!


I had a lot of files open and my computer was acting slow, almost not responding. Decided I needed to kill the app and start over.
Task Manager > HippoEDIT > End Task

However after restarting, HippoEDIT is refusing to recognize any keyboard shortcut commands. "CTRL+O"? --> "The key combination (CTRL + O) is not a command"

Not even Tab or Delete works.

Is there an option to "refresh" an install or run diagnostics... or delete some sort of cache?  I really don't want to have to re-install... it takes forever to reset all my defaults (full line numbering, context menu version control commands, etc.)

I recently needed to apply some cleanup/formatting passes on some code files.  In order to be able to control the logic, I needed something I could program in.
It was a hack, but I whipped up a simple HTML page with a giant textarea that I ran in my browser. I copy/pasted my code into... ran several JavaScript functions against it, the copy/pasted the code back into HippoEDIT.

The functions I'm running would take 20-60min to perform manually one by one (if I could remember them all) if I did it in the editor, so the tool is invaluable even with the copy/paste switch between apps.

However if I had access to write scripts that ran inside HippoEDIT I'd be golden.  I'm sure an elaborate API would be awesome, but even just access to get/set the string for the entire document would be all I would need.

I'm not sure what the intended scripting language is, but anything similar to JavaScript/PHP syntax would be awesome for me. :)

General Discussion / Re: How do I turn off new file templates?
« on: April 18, 2016, 02:48:11 pm »
Thanks Alex!

The Templates (#2) was exactly what I was after.  For my JavaScript file it is now just blank.... though I may change that to a self-executing anonymous function instead at some point.

e.g. something like this
Code: Javascript
  1. (function(window, undefined){
  2.   //do stuff
  3. })(window);

General Discussion / How do I turn off new file templates?
« on: April 17, 2016, 05:46:14 pm »
I'm not sure how I turned this on, but every time I create a new file (CTRL+N) HippoEDIT "looks" at my current file (a JavaScript file) and creates the new file with a template it got from somewhere.

It is a bit awkward since I didn't necessarily want to create another JavaScript file... however in short I will *NEVER* want this for a JavaScript file but it is extra frustrating because I get code for Microsoft's proprietary JScript language which is something I will never use.

Code: Javascript
  1. // JavaScript template using Windows Script Host
  2. var WSHShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell");
  3. WSHShell.Popup( "Hello World!" );

I'm sure the setting is really obvious somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.  I searched under Tools > Options >"Template" but all I found was code-completion templates. e.g. if I type "for(" it fills in "for(var i=0;i<X;i++){" for me.

Does anyone know where the setting is hiding?

HippoEDIT uses what I'm going to call the "WindowsXP File Dialog" when opening/saving files.

However on Windows 7 (possibly Vista too, and I'm guessing Windows 8) there is an improved version of the common dialog that I think would be helpful in HippoEDIT! ;-)

Hopefully some screenshots will help.

Here's the current dialog:

And here's the "system dialog" from Windows 7 (as seen in Firefox)

The differences may appear subtle at first, but there are MAJOR usability improvements in the "native" Windows 7 version.

1.) In the location bar at the top I can directly click on any folder in the current hierarchy
2.) I can freely type/edit in this location bar at the top to quickly navigate to anywhere
3.) The panel on the left is a full tree of access to any folder (physical or virtual) on my system, or even a DropBox folder
4.) I can search for a file/folder in the top right
5.) There's a refresh option if a file has been added/updated (yeah I know [F5] works too, but an icon is handy
6.) It just feels more natural on Windows 7
7.) It remembers frequently accessed folders/files so I can quickly re-navigate to them
8.) There's a preview pane available (it doesn't help so much with text files, but being able to see images etc. in a preview is a nice to have)

Just a few of the improvements that would be a nice addition to HippoEDIT.

Thanks for your consideration.

General Discussion / Help! My search and replace no longer works!
« on: September 25, 2012, 04:23:26 pm »
I'm not sure which configuration option I've set but now a search and replace... finds text that I'm searching for but replaces it with {empty string} regardless of what settings I choose... thus currently search&replace does nothing for me at the moment. :-(

Any advice on what setting I might have messed up would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Alex,

I only just noticed that HippoEdit had been updated to handle these scripts and I'm "over the moon" excited about it!

I grabbed your HTML tools and tried them out... and as such here is my feedback ;-)

1.) Personally whenever I'm making an HTML Table, it would be beneficial to include some default cellpadding/cellspacing/border/width attributes and to also create an initial TR, and TD.  (I realize that some of the attributes can be styled using CSS... but the child elements are almost always needed) like an OL or UL element with an initial "LI"

2.) I'm not sure if it is possible, but if I start with no selection... and I insert new content like a bold tag, I would prefer if the cursor is left inside the tag vs. after the closing tag.  The exception to this would be for self-closing tags like a br tag, where after would make more sense.

That all said I love this new scriptability... and I will be making tons of scripts tonite! :-)

Scripting, Scripts and Macros / Finding unused variables
« on: September 06, 2012, 02:33:10 pm »
I love HippoEDIT as my editor but occasionally I miss certain IDE features.

One feature I'd like to emmulate is the ability to run a quick scan of a file to see if any declared variables are never used (e.g. dead code)

For example in an ActionScript class (for Adobe AIR development) I know that my variable declarations will be in a certain format that I should be able to extract the variable name and then compare to the rest of the document.

So, in short a variable is declared like:

Code: [Select]
var fooBar:String = "DefaultIfSpecified";
thus anything between "var " and ":" is my variable name... and I just want to search the rest of the document to see if "fooBar" is found more than once.

Would this concept be possible with the macro/scripting abilities of HippoEDIT?... if so, is there a page with any info/commands I can use? and if not... can I bump this to another thread as part of a wishlist of scripting capabilities for HippoEDIT? ;-)

Feature requests and suggestions / Re: Command Line Tool preference
« on: August 30, 2011, 04:51:18 pm »
Thanks Alex,

I guess I should explain a bit more... (I have this option checked off already) it doesn't work if the *first* time the Command window is opened... it runs vertically longer than the visible space.

e.g. I normally do not have the window open (as I find it takes up too much space)... then I run my command via a hotkey [CTRL] + [F11]

The command runs... and only when complete does the command window open... but as noted it doesn't scroll to the bottom.  Ideally the command window would open right when I run the command, and I would see the content scroll as it runs... until complete.


Feature requests and suggestions / Command Line Tool preference
« on: August 30, 2011, 03:21:23 pm »
Hi all,

I use the Command Line Tool to run compiling and deploying actions for code I'm working on.  Behind the scenes this just runs some batch files for particular actions.

Everything works fine and I can see the output of the command(s) but I often get a long list (vertically longer than a screen full) of output.  Unfortunately my Command window doesn't scroll to the end of the output (where a list of any compilation errors would be) thus I have to manually scroll to see it.

Would there be any chance that an option would be available to scroll with the output? (or is it already available and I've missed it?)

Scripting, Scripts and Macros / Script Idea - Close Tag, Select Tag, etc.
« on: February 08, 2011, 05:13:03 pm »
I write a lot of code in some form of SGML (e.g. HTML, XML, XSL, SVG, JSP, PHP) and thus I write a lot of tags.

There are 5 scripts I created for another editor that I would love to be able to use/re-create in Hippo Edit.

  • Close Active Tag
  • Move to Next Tag
  • Move to Previous Tag
  • Select to Next Tag
  • Select to Previous Tag

1.) Close Active Tag:
This worked by closing the current tag I was editing... e.g. If I wrote:

Code: [Select]
<select name="foo">
and my cursor was anywhere after the open angled bracket, pressing a hotkey would run my script... which would search backwards for the open angled bracket, then search forward for whitespace, save the tagname as a variable, search forward for the closing angle bracket, then insert after it...

Code: [Select]
Thus closing whatever tag I was editing... regardless if it was a random XML/XSL tag, a JSP tag, or whatever.

2.,3.,4.,5.) Similarly, these would move my cursor (optionally selecting) to tag start/stop positions.

To quote Martha... its a little thing, but a good thing.

If there were some way to accomplish the same kind of thing in HippoEdit, I would love it.

I realize this is an old post, but I wanted to add my vote for this.

I've been spoiled by the Eclipse IDE which provides a pane for "TODO" / "FIXME" references in the open files.

This would be a great feature in HippoEdit.

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