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Playing around with alpha 1.50 scripting feature i have found an need:

Under Tools menu i have
Execute <<current open document>>
Execute...  (to browse for an script)

At least it would be helpful to have
Execute last script
or rather
Execute <<name of last script>>

for an quicker access of the current used script.

This is with 1.49.808
Use HippoEDIT as an Snippet Manager

In File Explorer i can't use the "Manage Favorite Folder..." button.
I click on it but nothing happens.

I can't resize the panes of folders and files to make folder smaller and files larger.
Perhaps this should be an feature request?
(But i have found "Tools > Options... > File Explorer" and have disabled files pane, lets see how this works ;-) )

For "Find in Files > Find All > To Find Results" i can click on a line to go to that line in the document. Pretty fine.
But from File Explorer
with button "Find in Files > Find All > To Find Results" i can NOT click on a line to open that doc and go to that line.
Ahh, sorry, false alarm: "[X] Display Filenames Only" was active, and so that goto-feature was not enabled.


I think we talked already about this but i don't remember where and when.


I use HippoEDIT with File Explorer and Find in Files as snippet repository.

But when i view many files i get many open tab which i have to close after i am finished.

I like to suggest an Tab-Lock feature.
Best by right clicking on an tab i want to select "Lock" and then this tab is reused for all files i open till i disable "Lock" again.

Other then "Lock" the tab should work normal and f.ex. ask to save if i have modified something.

But an additional feature would be an option like "Lock and open all files in r/o mode"

This "Lock" feature is know from file managers and very handy.

Today i searched  an way to save and close a few files at once.

So i found the menu "Windows > Windows..."
- where i select a few files and clicked at [Save]
- next i wanted to close this files by using [Close Windows] but the files are found unselected and i had to selected them again.
That's why i think "keep the selection after action" would be an good idea.

--- ahh now i see i can use instead [Close Windows] on unsaved files and be prompted then to save them - where i can check "don't ask again"

Fine too!

But now i had got an another idea: 
how about an "Filter by dirty" -option to use the live filter feature to see only modified files?

( i know: not anymore for 1.49 ;-) )

While stumbling over an thread comparing editors i get an idea, maybe from interest?

While in column mode (Alt+C) i can do an zero-with selection with the mouse or by using Shift+Arrow-Keys Up/down.
I can even move this selection by using Arrow-Keys Left/right. That's good.
But once i have used this zero-with selection to type something i get an blue selected area
and i can't move the zero-with selection to an other column anymore.
On the other hand i can move the zero-with selection to an other column
if i doesn't type but only delete to the left or right. That's nice.

So i have two suggestions:

1.) we already talked somehow about to not create an new selection if i type in an zero-with selection,
and so be able to move the caret around even after typing.
Maybe this can be improved to allow to move the zero-with selection even after start typing to an other column.

2.) maybe you can store the start- and end line of an zero-with selection
and restore this zero-with selection by an command ,
something like "Edit > Selection > Restore"
but "Edit > Selection > Restore Zero-With Selection"

Or restore it by first pressing of Shift+Arrow (see above),
if an user then press the arrow key an second time
this restored zero-with selection is removed again and HE starts to do an new zero-with selection.
Or something like this.

All in all, what an user wants to do is
* make an zero-with selection
* type something
* move to an other column
* type there some more

Hi Alex,

i just realize i can't browse for an file as argument for an tool.

Command: cscript
Argument: D:\rive\path to\script.vbs

For this short example i can just browse for  "D:\rive\path to\script.vbs" and then add an "cscript" by hand. OK.
But for something like:
Command: D:\rive\very\long path to\app.exe
Argument: D:\rive\path to\script.ahk
it's not that nifty.

Right now i use the command browse button to browse for the argument, and then copy this by hand to the arg field.

I think an additional entry in the arg-selection-list like "Add an file as argument..."
or even an second button for the arg field would be nifty.
Ahh, i see now that the "Initial dir" field selection-list has an Browse... entry too. So maybe this is the way to implement this?


And if you do this i think it would be nifty too to surround such added filespec by quotes if they contain spaces.


Often i collect text from websites.

So i select text in browser
- switch to HE
- paste in
- switch to browser
- select and copy
- switch to HE
- paste in
GoTo 1   >:(   :)

Would it be possible to implement an feature to monitor the clipboard and paste all text content into the current open document?

Optional it should add an user customized string like "\n\n\n    = = =  \n\n\n"  or just a few empty lines as default setting.


Feature requests and suggestions / Delete First/Last sign from line(s)
« on: March 17, 2011, 08:31:43 pm »
Hi Alex.

Today i found an interesting feature:

Delete First/Last sign

* Delete First sign will just delete the sign at pos1

* Delete Last sign will delete the very last sign from an line

One would use this feature for an single sign or press the shortcut several times to remove  more then one sign.
This is for removing even quicker then zero-size selection.


' ' code code codecode code trail
/ / code code codecode code   code trail
' ' code code codecode trail
; ; code code codecode code trail

- Select the block
- press shortcut for "Delete first sign" four times
and you get

code code codecode code trail
code code codecode code   code trail
code code codecode trail
code code codecode code trail

- Select the block
- press shortcut for "Delete last sign" six times
and you get

code code codecode code
code code codecode code   code
code code codecode
code code codecode code

Hope this is from some interest.

Hi Alex,

we have talk about something like this before in 2009 >>,124.msg419.html#msg419

but since this is always an missed feature for me which i use every day more then once
and because it would be not nifty to implement this by an script or S&R-favorites,
because i like to set several options at once, i like to suggest this again:

Compress / trim / remove white spaces / blanks and empty lines dialog.

I thinking about an dialog like

Code: [Select]
       ======== Compress white space =================

Compress white space: [ ]Left  [X]Inside [ ]Right [X]Keep one

Compress blank lines: [ ]All                      [ ]Keep one

              [All/None]       [OK]       [Cancel]

It should remember the settings.
All/none would work as an toggle: first check all options for space and the keep-one for lines, second click would clear all settings.

I think also about such three-state check boxes: Unchecked=disabled / Checked=enabled / Grey-checked=enabled-but-keep-one

added a few screenshots how this is implemented by other editors (not complied yet ;-) )

Bug reports / PHP-doc but opens Config and Tools for HTML
« on: February 24, 2011, 11:22:31 am »
Just FYI

I open an PHP file.
The extension is php
The syntax is set to PHP as long as i am in an php section

But menu "Tools > Manage Tools" and "Tools > Syntax settings" are set to HTML instead of PHP

HE 1.49.792

You mean the current open document is modified by an other editor, but HippoEDIT didn't inform you about this issue?

Please enable menu "File > Auto-Reload"  (after external modification)
(Note: there are also some special settings via settings.xml,
see >>>,144.msg3543.html#msg3543)



This "File > Auto-Reload" feature i have searched first
via "Tools > Options > Editor >> General"
or "Tools > Options > Syntax Settings > <type> >> Editor"
and "File > Workspace > Properties..."

I mean i had expected it more as an general settings
per <whole editor> 
or per <workspace>
or per <filetype>
rather then just for the current open file. (as i understand this right now)

Me think "File > Auto-Reload"  is fine too, but should be auto-enabled
by an more general switch as explained in last paragraph:
- "File > Auto-Reload"  is enabled or disabled based on the general setting

and, as addition should work independent from that general setting to:
- enable "Auto-Reload"  even is general setting is off
- disable "Auto-Reload"  even is general setting is ON

Just my thinking, maybe i have overseen something?

What do you think?


FAQ / How to find all occurrences of X in an file?
« on: July 12, 2010, 11:32:04 am »
Today i want to show you how you can get an list of lines which all have an "string" you want to preview.

For example i code in VBScript with many functions/subs,
which all have an "On Error Resume Next" statement as second line.

Usually, i comment-out one or more of this "On Error Resume Next" lines to disable error-handling for to find an bug.
Later, i forget to enable all of this again  ::)

With HippoEDIT i simple do an search for "On Error" with the option "Find All" and "Result Output to Window 1"
This gives me an list with all lines containing at least this "On Error" string. (see picture)

Now, in that output window, i can see that i have forgotten two statements to un-comment.
In HippoEDIT i can click on that lines in the "Find Results 1"-output window and HE scroll the document
to that line in question, where i can easily modify that line and remove the comment sign.
Then i simple click on the next line in the output and HE scrolls fast as an greyhound to that line in the document.

This "Find All"-option is also nifty to find, e.g.  all lines containing the string "myFunction",
or e.g. "myVAR"... one of the first lines found should then have an DIM in front of myVAR  :)

Note that you can also use the option "In New Document", e.g. to copy all lines containing "ToDo" to an other document.


Here is an how to add your own fold marker,482.0.html



maybe it's an good idea to add an default fold marker to defaultText syntax

    <Scope open="HE_FoldRegion_Start" close="HE_FoldRegion_End"/>

and also add new items to the "Outlining" menu like
"Outlining > Insert FoldMarker Start"
"Outlining > Insert FoldMarker End"
"Outlining > Delete current FoldMarker"
"Outlining > Delete All FoldMarkerS"

so all users can immediately start using this feature.


Example Script [Not working]: convert to RadioTrackerTM A1wish list

I have an list of 50 party songs, like:
Anton feat. D.J. Ötzi - Anton aus Tirol
Safri Duo - Played-A-Live
Dolls United - Eine Insel mit zwei Bergen

I use RadioTrackerTM (RT) to record internet radio.
Here i can create, load and save an list of wished songs.
This list is in an special XML format.

To use my list i can manually add each of the 50 songs to RT and save that then as an RT XML,
or i can use HippoEDIT to convert my "plain" list to an RT-XML to easily load this... guess what i chose :D

First i had saved already such an list with RT to get an template.
Then i use this template to convert my list to an RT XML:

1.) open the plain list in HippoEDIT:

Anton feat. D.J. Ötzi - Anton aus Tirol
Safri Duo - Played-A-Live
Dolls United - Eine Insel mit zwei Bergen

2.) do an RegEx search and replace:

Find what: ^(.+) - (.+)$
Replace with: <Wish>\n    <Artist>$1</Artist>\n    <Track>$2</Track>\n  </Wish>

(you may want to use Search Favorites to store this for later re-use)

Here i just select and copy the parts from the template:

into the "Replace with" box.
HippoEDIT recognizes the line break and the space and do the right things.
Then i add an "$1" sign, then i pasted the next part

into the "Replace with" box, followed by an "$2",... and so on, you got the idea?

Use [Find] and [Replace] for first test, and if all went fine use [Replace All]

    <Artist>Anton feat. D.J. Ötzi</Artist>
    <Track>Anton aus Tirol</Track>
    <Artist>Safri Duo</Artist>
    <Artist>Dolls United</Artist>
    <Track>Eine Insel mit zwei Bergen</Track>

3.) Add the end tag to the button:

    <Artist>Anton feat. D.J. Ötzi</Artist>
    <Track>Anton aus Tirol</Track>
    <Artist>Safri Duo</Artist>
    <Artist>Dolls United</Artist>
    <Track>Eine Insel mit zwei Bergen</Track>

4.) Jump to top/first line:

And add starting lines at the top:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
<Exported_Wishes version="1.0" name="#####" createdby="radiotracker" contenttype="artist">

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
<Exported_Wishes version="1.0" name="#####" createdby="radiotracker" contenttype="artist">
    <Artist>Anton feat. D.J. Ötzi</Artist>
    <Track>Anton aus Tirol</Track>
    <Artist>Safri Duo</Artist>
    <Artist>Dolls United</Artist>
    <Track>Eine Insel mit zwei Bergen</Track>

5.) Replace "#####" by, e.g. "50ApresSkiHits", or with an script, prompt the user to add an description.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
<Exported_Wishes version="1.0" name="50ApresSkiHits" createdby="radiotracker" contenttype="artist">
    <Artist>Anton feat. D.J. Ötzi</Artist>
    <Track>Anton aus Tirol</Track>
    <Artist>Safri Duo</Artist>
    <Artist>Dolls United</Artist>
    <Track>Eine Insel mit zwei Bergen</Track>

That are 5 easy steps, but we can create an script to do this all in one step.... (soon  ;D )

Feature requests and suggestions / Text Re-/Formater utility
« on: April 21, 2010, 08:07:24 pm »
While we can do all of this already but step-by-step only,
or with scripting but without an nice interface,
i want to suggest an new feature: Text Re-/Formater

I imagine to start this tool from Format menu
and it should work on all text in doc or on selection only.

Since this are already used features from other well sold application
i mean this could bring some new customers too  ;)

Instead of an description i add some screen shots.

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