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Bug reports / Increase toolbar size in high DPI?
« on: October 15, 2016, 11:01:43 pm »

Is there a way to increase the toolbar size on HE 1.xx? I'm running it on a Surface Pro 4, that has DPI at 200%, and icons are insanely small.

I know that v2 alpha deals better with these high resolutions, but I would like to keep to 1.x for the time being.

Many thanks!


I have noticed a big annoyance in HE: if HE doesn't currently have the focus AND you click somewhere in the text editor window, the only thing that happens is that HE gets the focus - the caret doesn't ALSO move to where you clicked.

This has made me type into the wrong place multiple times. This seems to be a behaviour exclusive to HE... don't remember any other editor ever doing this.


I was trying to extend the view-edit-toolbar so that it included a couple of the macro commands, but when I do I get an infinite "An invalid argument was encountered." dialog when launching HippoEdit (need to kill it with the Task Manager).

I just added


before the closing bracket "}"

What am I doing wrong?


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