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Feature requests and suggestions / Idea collecting thread: Side panel
« on: December 20, 2008, 10:24:10 pm »
Thread renamed from
RFC: Repository Explorer - idea collector
Idea collecting thread: Side panel


Collection thread for ideas to implement an Item window on the left side of HE window.

Near "File Explorer" and "Project Explorer" i think about an "Repository Explorer"- tab :

  • I want to add "folders" like with 'Project Explorer'
  • Each folder can have sub-folders and files.
  • This is to execute snippets and commands like scripts and external tools.
  • Files show here in this explorer as "folder"  are in real  XLM-Files in HippoEDITs Repository sub-folder
  • This XML files can hold different data with up to 9 topics.
  • 1 or up to 9 of this topics are shown as Columns in RepExplorer
  • ...


One XLM file could hold recent files list

<Column1> Filename
<Column2> File Path
<Column3> Last size
<Column4> Last Access Date

Show this as Columns in RepEx:
Filename | File Path | Last size | Last Access Date


Other could hold list of items for an coding language (like the templates)
<Column1> Key
<Column2> Description ( = name of the item as shown in the list)
<Column3> Shortcut
<Column4> Tool Tip ( = show the Content)
<Column5> Content


This way we can see an list of all available items and easy choose the right one.


Would be extra nice i we could select more then one item from the list to open/insert/execute them


We should be able to use %place holders% within those snippets, like %Date%, %SelectedText%, %CursorPosition%,...


As extra i wanna be able to drag & drop an block of text to the list
and be prompted for the other values as 'key' , 'name' , 'shortcut' and so on.


Maybe option to allow in what panel the content should be displayed?
Perhaps we can get the option to open two panels the same time?   One left, one right?

<display>1</display>   or   <display>left</display>    to display this  content in left panel

So we can set up to open one list on the left and an another on the right

[   Left panel    ]  [        Document        ]  [ Right Panel ]
[ Choose list |v]                                      [ Choose list |v]
[Ascii.txt          ]                                     [ Snippets  VBS]

00h  NUL ^@                                          For ... Next
01h  SOH ^A                                          If .. Then ..EndIF
02h  STX ^B                                          Do while ... Loop
03h  ETX ^C                                          ...
04h  EOT ^D                                           ...
05h  ENQ ^E                                           ...
06h  ACK ^F
07h  BEL ^G
08h  BS  ^H


For what to use?

- recent file list
- snippets (code templates    or   boilerplate's like "Best regards\nStefan"
- show text file (f.ex. list of ASCII-chars, telephone numbers, quick list for keywords + snipplets,  todo's ... whatever...)
- File Explorer (implemented)
- Projects (implemented)
- Sessions ( just store list of current open files for tomorrow)
- Code Templates (insert %Date%) 
- choose and execute macros, scripts and tools
- Favorites  (files (*.txt, *.vbs, *.chm), folders, web URLs, ...)


Here i have an screenshot how this could look like.
And whit an shortcut i can open here an "Finder" to easy find an item
by typing in some chars which could be in the item name:


Implemented / [Solved] Project Explorer missing options
« on: December 20, 2008, 09:43:21 pm »
Project Explorer missing options at 1.40.553

I talk about the explorer on the left side, not about the menu 'Project'

1.) i miss "Open Project"-icon
2.) Context menu > Add: i miss 'Current file' and 'All opened Files'

And maybe
3.) drag & drop file tab to Project Explorer to add file
4.) drag & drop selected lines to create new file (prompt for file name)

FAQ / How to make keyword list for syntax file at easy
« on: December 11, 2008, 09:16:37 am »
Was topic: Re: Adding new Language Syntax

Q: How to make keyword list for syntax file at easy?
A: Create an Code template for syntax 'XML'

1.) open an new 'XML' document (or your 'xyz'- syntax file)
2.) Tools > Options...  > [X]Syntax settings > '+XML' > Code Templates
3.) press [Add] and Fill out:
      Key* = Make an keyword list
      Desc = Make an keyword list
      Shortcut = what you want, f.ex. 'Ctrl+Alt+K'

4.)  in 'Code:' box
      a) type <Keyword text="
      b) click [Insert tag...] and click on %SelectedLine% to insert this into your code
      c) type "/>
      You should see an line like: <Keyword text="%SelectedLine%"/>

Now, back in HippoEDIT, type (or paste) your keywords in, one line for each keyword.



6.) select all keywords

7.) Execute your key-list-template by pressing Ctrl+Alt+K

8.) ;D

Note: currently at 11.12.2008, this needs the last v1.4 beta (at least 550) from the download page.

Feature requests and suggestions / Syntax Settings Usability
« on: December 10, 2008, 09:00:49 pm »
I try to suggest some usability.
I guess this is already planed.
Perhaps this come in handy for your planing.

1.) Quick access to current syntax setting (like the Overview bar > "Preferences" -option)

I know about new shortcuts since 1.4 552
    * Options.AutoCorrection - opens Options AutoCorrection page
    * Options.Keyboard - opens Options Keyboard settings page
    * Options.CurrentFontsColors - opens Options Fonts and Colors page for current syntax
    * Options.CurrentCodeTemplates - opens Options Code Templates page for current syntax
    * Options.ColorSchemes - opens Options Color Schemes Page

But an new user have to setup that shortcut first.

I think about an default, built-in  way... an second menu item "Current Syntax Settings"

or maybe
for "Options > +Syntax settings" -dialog
 ==> show an link to the current syntax below the "+Syntax settings" line?

File Explorer
Color Schemes
+Syntax settings
Current Syntax
Code Completion



I found the option to set the syntax-related-help by fortuity under the Help menu.

I suggest to have an link to "Help > Syntax Help > Manage Help" -dialog
on the syntax page "Options > +Syntax settings > syntax",
there where 'Windows', 'Editor' and 'Spacing' is too.

is support for CHMs not implemented right now?



On this syntax page i would expect to find an function to modify syntax files. I guess this is on the todo list.

For now i mean an option would be nifty to open the syntax files into the editor as an document.
- go to your syntax
- click on [Open {lang_name}_spec.xml]
or [Open lang_name}_user.xml.]
- and this files are opened in HE... the Options-Dialog could be stay open.


the same for an link to "Syntax tools"-dialog
I suggest to have an link to "Tools > Manage Tools" -dialog


Option to re-read the syntax file without restarting HE


Feature requests and suggestions / Search&Replace dialog improvements
« on: December 06, 2008, 04:45:03 pm »
i collecting ideas to add more power to the  HippoEDIT Search&Replace dialog

Call it an poor-mans-scripting.
With such options we could do most of common task of our daily work.
This makes HippoEDIT even more outstanding (but i am sure other will implement such feature too, once seen)


1.) add an Repeat-Counter

"( ) Action on every [  3] find" "( ) Repeat"

Explanation: i do an s&r that act on (every) 3 match.

So one can add an blank line every n line.
Or find&replace the third occurrence of an term in an line only.
Or select next 50 lines by ^(.*)$ - count '50' - Extend selection

( )Repeat will reset counter to 0 and start counting again.

2.) add an "matching lines only"

"( ) Act / ( ) Don't act on lines containing:[ \d\d\.\d\d\.2008]" "( ) RegEx"

"Contain: [^ABC.+  ]" "(o) Act / ( ) Don't" "(o) RegEx"

"Find what: [ X ]"
"Replace with:[ Y  ]"

Explanation: do the find or the replace only on lines containing special word/terms

So i want to find 'X' and replace it by 'Y', but only for lines starting with 'ABC'


3.) add option "Not" for find/replace

"[ ] Find line that do NOT match"

Explanation: if i do an search (with or without an replace) i want to find lines that doesn't contain search term.

F.ex. I want
Find: .+word.+
Replace: nothing
[X ] Find line that do NOT match
And HippoEDIT will delete all lines that do not have term 'word'

Or Find '//ToDo', and copy all lines NOT containing '//ToDo' to an new file.

4.) add "Offset"

" Act on offset [  1]
( )+  ( )- 
( )Word ( )Line"

Explanation: things like "Replace" or "Extent selection" should act on word/line set by offset n.


"Find what: [  sVar ]"
"Replace with:[ MsgBox sVar   ]"
" Act on offset [  1]
(o)+  ( )- 
( )Word (o)Line"

And HippoEDIT should FIND search term, GoTo Offset(+1).Line, and to the replace.

Or Find 'End If', go one line back by Offset(-1).Line, and extend Selection.


Tool Properties: replace text with output from external tool

I would like to suggest an option for tools
to catch the output of an command line tool
and replace the text in current open document (or the selected part)
with this output.

- select some text
- launch external tool with arg  "/par /ame /ters %SurroundedText%"
- catch the return from this tool
- and replace text in document

Extern tool could be DOS/UNIX Tools like sort.exe, sed, awk which use stdout/stdin
or an script like VBS or AKH or AutoIt script or even an batch.

Return could also be an error message from system or tool... that would be our fault.


I would also suggest two options like run-before and run-after launch tool
to f.ex. copy text from and to clipboard

- Run-Before: copy selected text to clipboard
- launch script, which reads the clipboard and format this text, then put it back to clipboard
- Run-After: read clipboard and replace text in current document

OK, thinking more about this.... i mean this could be done by user himself ;D
Forgot this please.


FAQ / Regular Expression Repository
« on: December 04, 2008, 10:19:17 pm »
Delete all (i.e. one or more) leading space and tabs:



Syntax Files / Code Templates Tricks & Tips
« on: December 04, 2008, 04:29:56 pm »
First one question to Alex:

Code Templates > [Insert Tag...] > %SurroundedText%

....shouldn't this term called  %SelectedText% ?
Or did i miss the point ??? -  Maybe it's my bad english?

Implemented / [Fixed] Find dialog: focus missing / default shortcut
« on: December 04, 2008, 12:29:19 pm »
1.40 - 546:

1.) if i open the Find or the Replace dialog, the "Find what:"-box didn't have the focus.

- open Find dialog
- start tipping
- nothing happens because the focus is not set to the "Find what:"-field
- one have first to click in this field


2.) may i open an poll ....... to set as an default shortcut to open the Find-dialog ...... the "default" shortcut Ctrl+F ? 

Instead to open the "QuickFind" dialog with Ctrl+F as it is right now.
And the "QuickFind" dialog could be accessed via, f.ex.  Ctrl+Q as an default ?

Just an Idea, what do others think? ;D

Implemented / [Implemented] Restore Selection
« on: December 03, 2008, 12:58:12 pm »
Hi Alex,
i just add some notes what i see and think during testing HippoEDIT.
No push, just as an note FYI and that we have talked about that issue.
You will decide what you like and want to implement. O.K.?

I know "Lock Selection" and "Select from Anchor".

But i like to suggest an "Restore Selection".
Maybe it is possible to keep very last selection in memory
and then select same Line:Pos--Line:Pos again with such an new command?

- i select some many lines of text while scrolling down many pages.
- then i scroll up and click by mistake left mouse button
- then i have do to my scrolling again
With this new "Restore Selection" this would be simpler.

The same for a few different s&r actions.
- do s&r one
- Reset Selection
- "Restore Selection"
- do s&r two
- ...

Just an idea

Tool Properties: how to run with associated app ?  ;D

For Command i want just to enter something like "run" (or leave it empty at all)
and for Arguments i type %FileName%

Then i suggest to execute %FileName% with by EXTension-related app, as stored in Registry.

Is this possible?

For example i want to start an *.ahk file with AutoHotkey.exe
On one PC AutoHotkey.exe is under "C:\Program Files\..."
on other PC AutoHotkey.exe is under "X:Programme\..."
So if AutoHotkey is correctly installed on an PC, Filetype *.ahk is registred under HKCR
and if i double click an *.ahk-file it is startet with the right application.
That i suggest to do TOOLS too  ;D.... but how to set this up?



While Command field seams to can handle relative path like ..\xy.exe
this doesn't work for Icon field, here relative path ..\xy.exe doesn't work.


[ ] Save All Documents before executing.

does this really save "ALL" open Documents before executing this "one" file?
I guess saving "current" file would be enough because i don't want to save other open docs by mistake ;D

Solved / Crash with user defined syntax schema
« on: December 01, 2008, 01:59:43 pm »
I do Tread hijacking, to keep things together, OK  ?  ;D

Hi alex, just FYI:

Then open new files and search for something similar to this:
Code: [Select]
<SYNTAX id="asm" name="ASM" inherit="def_source" inherit_url="defsource_spec.xml">Here (everything is case sensitive):
id – unique id of the language (obligatory)
name – description of the language that would be used in UI
inherit – name of base (parent) schema. New schema would inherit all settings, styles of parent.
inhertit_url – name of parent schema file. Used only fir navigation between schemas when opened in browser (optional).

1) I copied an XML for my own use.
2)  Since i didn't have no "base (parent) schema"  (at least i think so) i empty the fields inherit and inhertit_url.
3) HE crashed while i try to open a new  "File > New > AutoHotkey > *.AHK"

Code: [Select]
CiceroUIWndFrame: HippoEdit.exe - Fehler in Anwendung
Die Anweisung in "0x1200d61e" verweist auf Speicher in "0x00000004". Der Vorgang

"read" konnte nicht auf dem Speicher durchgeführt werden.

Klicken Sie auf "OK", um das Programm zu beenden.
Klicken Sie auf "Abbrechen", um das Programm zu debuggen.
OK   Abbrechen   

Code: [Select]
HippoEdit.exe - Fehler in Anwendung
Die Ausnahme "unknown software exception" (0xc0150010) ist in der Anwendung an der Stelle 0x7c943345 aufgetreten.

Klicken Sie auf "OK", um das Programm zu beenden.
Klicken Sie auf "Abbrechen", um das Programm zu debuggen.
OK   Abbrechen   

My workaround was to write an 'a' in this fields inherit and inhertit_url.
<SYNTAX id="AHK" name="AutoHotkey" inherit="a" inherit_url="a">

Should i delete such fields i didn't use?

Bug reports / Paste as HTML without meta data
« on: December 01, 2008, 01:05:52 pm »
Hi alex,

"Paste as HTML" is an very nice feature,..
... but is there any change that we could get an option

to get rid of the header?
Code: [Select]

I think about something like "[X] Paste as HTML: without Metadata" or they like.

Or perhaps just comment the header out by <!--header -->,
SourceURL:  -->
The URL is  the only thing i found useful from this header, to keep them in my code.

Bug reports / Regular Expression: greedy option
« on: November 30, 2008, 11:12:01 pm »
Hi alex,

RegEx in HippoEDIT works lazy (non-greedy)

How can i search greedy?


I have this text
HippoEDIT is great!
HippoEDIT is great!
HippoEDIT is great!
HippoEDIT is great!

Test 1:

if i was on line 'start'
and want to search for 'eat!'
with .+eat (RegEx and Ext. Selection are enabled)
i get only this selected:
HippoEDIT is great!

HippoEDIT is great!
HippoEDIT is great!
HippoEDIT is great!
This was lazy.

Test 2:

What should i do to search greedy to get:
HippoEDIT is great!
HippoEDIT is great!
HippoEDIT is great!
HippoEDIT is great!


I think


should find lazy like:

HippoEDIT is great!

HippoEDIT is great!
HippoEDIT is great!
HippoEDIT is great!



should find greedy like

HippoEDIT is great!
HippoEDIT is great!
HippoEDIT is great!
HippoEDIT is great!


What do you think?

May i suggest to let  the RegEx  be "standard" i.e.: greedy
and allow an '?'-sign to switch to non-greedy?

General Discussion / Testimonials (Pleased user thanks)
« on: October 22, 2008, 07:59:50 pm »
I just have the need to register
to say you Thank You for this great editor!

I test it a few hours only but i see it has a lot of possibilities.
Nearly portable till of the key.
Working RegEx implementation with multi line support.
Column select, Templates, Auto complete, Paste as HTML, well thought out Tools-Support
and a lot of other features i see and have to discover  ;)

I hope this is under heavy development? and you are prepared to get a lot of suggestions?  ;D

Sorry for my bad english if i didn't find the right words (corrections welcome)


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