Author Topic: Ctl-N off a file yields a new Untitled file with the same extension but once  (Read 1987 times)

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This is odd or really a bug:

1) Open various files, for instance xyz.sql, xyz.asp and xyz.cmd being the last (names do not matter, but their extensions);
2) Click Ctl-N when the active file is say xyz.cmd - you get a new file named Untitled1.cmd, so far so good;
3) Click Ctl-N one or more times and you get UntitledX - no extension.

I expected it to be Untitled2.cmd especially because if I drop down the New menu item (left on the Standard Tool-bar) it clearly indicates that it is going to produce a DOS/NT Batch file if I click on Ctl-N.
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I am agree, this is a bug. Would be fixed with a new beta.

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