Author Topic: Selecting by ALT+Arrow Down in HE 1.5 doesn't work for string selection  (Read 2025 times)

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In HE 1.49 if cursor was placed inside a string one could select the current word by pressing ALT+DOWN, then select the whole string between ' or ", by pressing ALT+DOWN once more, then select even the whole string including its delimiters ' or ", by pressing for the third time - I liked this feature very much and I got very accustomed to it.

But now that I'm trying out HE 1.5 build 753 and 754 since last week, this doesn't work any more. After selecting a word, the next step already will select the whole line or brackets or what is coming next, but NOT the string.

I am working on Windows 7, and I tried out various syntaxes, but it was all the same.

P.S.: I like the new Macro Recording Feature very much, better than in Textpad, because I can edit macros so easily.
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Re: Selecting by ALT+Arrow Down in HE 1.5 doesn't work for string selection
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Hi epfax,

thanks for the bug report. Yes, I have reproduced the bug and have fixed. Will be available in next 1.50 update.

Good to know that macro recording works and people like it ;) I have spent a lot of time checking others implementations and designing the best for HippoEDIT ;).
I have just added a new topic, concerning macros editing, you may be interested too.

Best regards,