Author Topic: Can HippoEDIT run portable?  (Read 4535 times)

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Can HippoEDIT run portable?
« on: November 07, 2008, 01:51:40 AM »
HippoEDIT versions 1.3x:
Mostly all editor settings are stored in XML files. Location of settings files can be customized in Tools->Options->General. By default it is HippoEDIT folder (hippoedit.config) and data folder (all xml files). Only windows positions, state theme and some other GUI properties are stored in the registry.

HippoEDIT versions from 1.40:
Everything is stored in xml files. Also all GUI states now stored in workspaces subfolder in HippoEDIT directory.

Only one limitation: location of data files is still stored in the registry. But this should be only interested to you if you have changed default location.

HippoEDIT also uses Windows %Temp% folder to store buffered service data between sessions.
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