Author Topic: HippoEDIT on Windows 7 x64  (Read 2691 times)

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HippoEDIT on Windows 7 x64
« on: March 29, 2010, 01:24:32 AM »
You have installed/update HippoEDIT on Windows 7 x64 and have following problems:
  • Settings are not saved
  • File templates are not modifiable
  • You can not create new keyboard schema
  • Windows/pane layout is not persistent between session

probable reason is that you have installed HippoEDIT data files into Program Files folder. Which does not work well on Windows 7 X64 (or in Vista with UAC).
This can happen if you select portable way during install, without changing default location of HippoEDIT, or this option was preselected because you have done update of HippoEDIT (old version always installs data files together with executable).


You need to reinstall (full uninstall and fresh install with removing user data files). When installing you need to select as destination of file not a portable way but current user data folder (first). Generally you can copy data files before and then overwrite files in new installation, if you will not remove user files, HE will not give you choice to install somewhere else then previous location. It checks for license.dat location.
You can also use All users - it will also work.