Author Topic: Pasting "as HTML" brings in non plain text chars  (Read 2328 times)

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Pasting "as HTML" brings in non plain text chars
« on: February 21, 2009, 10:30:49 PM »
If I past some HTML (say from emails) into a newly created plain text type of a file it also brings in non plain text chars e.g. ▼YouTube
I am not sure if this is a bug per-se, but I think I need an option at least to "paste as plain text" or a sort. Any thoughts guys?

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Re: Pasting HTML into a new Text file also brings in non plain text chars
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2009, 12:01:11 AM »
Hi Arthur, this is "plain text" because 9660 is an valid unicode char. ==>
The ▼ is only an strange sign because we do not use it  , like the chars 177 or 178 from ASCII table =>

I think if you copy it - you want it.
From where should HippoEDIT know what char you want and what not?

There could be an option to insert only ascii chars 32 till 126, but then country specific chars (like 128-140) are dropped too.
And for each different codepage there are other country specific chars.
And even more with unicode.

For such issues there should be user-converters to delete such chars/signs from document.
I have allready suggested such converters.
And if there is sometimes scripting you would be able to make your own paste-as-HTML script
which first calls the paste-as-HTML command  and then as second step call your converter.

I hope with this converters we can format all pasting situations like dropping leading spaces and '>' -signs while copying from eMail, f.ex.

But maybe i am wrong and Alex want to implement an  option to paste only chars the user has defined, or he have an completely other thought? :D

---------- EDIT:
you may be interested in this topic too ==> Paste as HTML without meta data
You are able to paste "as HTML" with a few options.
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Re: Pasting HTML into a new Text file also brings in non plain text chars
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2009, 12:26:19 PM »
Yes, I agree with Stefan.

In HE I dont know what user wants, and only paste everything that is inside html tags.
And because HE works in unicode mode, and texts is also returned in unicode mode (utf8) there can be any character.

So, this is already job if the user to understand what is necessary and what not.

About the commands to delete such chars... I think this is too specific to do this in HE itself. Scripts or tools is correct way from my point of view.