Author Topic: "Auto-Reload at external modification" as general setting  (Read 1729 times)

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"Auto-Reload at external modification" as general setting
« on: November 20, 2010, 12:38:55 PM »
You mean the current open document is modified by an other editor, but HippoEDIT didn't inform you about this issue?

Please enable menu "File > Auto-Reload"  (after external modification)
(Note: there are also some special settings via settings.xml,
see >>>,144.msg3543.html#msg3543)



This "File > Auto-Reload" feature i have searched first
via "Tools > Options > Editor >> General"
or "Tools > Options > Syntax Settings > <type> >> Editor"
and "File > Workspace > Properties..."

I mean i had expected it more as an general settings
per <whole editor> 
or per <workspace>
or per <filetype>
rather then just for the current open file. (as i understand this right now)

Me think "File > Auto-Reload"  is fine too, but should be auto-enabled
by an more general switch as explained in last paragraph:
- "File > Auto-Reload"  is enabled or disabled based on the general setting

and, as addition should work independent from that general setting to:
- enable "Auto-Reload"  even is general setting is off
- disable "Auto-Reload"  even is general setting is ON

Just my thinking, maybe i have overseen something?

What do you think?

Stefan, HippoEDIT beta tester 
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Re: "Auto-Reload at external modification" as general setting
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2010, 12:55:31 AM »
Hi Stefan,

By default, if file is updated (and it was changed before, or AutoReloadNonModified set to true) you will get a popup informing you about the update and request for reload.
There you have several choices: always reload this file (same as setting in file menu), never reload current file (same as setting in file menu) and just single Reload or not ("Yes\nNo\nAlways for this file\nNever for this file"). But in addition, there is a check box, "Do Not Ask Again". If you will check it, you will be not asked any more, and your last choice will be used. If you select Yes - files will be always reloaded automatically, if No - files will be not updated and you will get no information popup on update. This what is ment by global settings.
You can only reset settings later by "reseting" check from workspace file directly (still no UI for this).

Yes, maybe this flag can be moved to UI directly but I will wait for more request for this ;)

Best regards,