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Hi Alex,

we have talk about something like this before in 2009 >>,124.msg419.html#msg419

but since this is always an missed feature for me which i use every day more then once
and because it would be not nifty to implement this by an script or S&R-favorites,
because i like to set several options at once, i like to suggest this again:

Compress / trim / remove white spaces / blanks and empty lines dialog.

I thinking about an dialog like

Code: [Select]
       ======== Compress white space =================

Compress white space: [ ]Left  [X]Inside [ ]Right [X]Keep one

Compress blank lines: [ ]All                      [ ]Keep one

              [All/None]       [OK]       [Cancel]

It should remember the settings.
All/none would work as an toggle: first check all options for space and the keep-one for lines, second click would clear all settings.

I think also about such three-state check boxes: Unchecked=disabled / Checked=enabled / Grey-checked=enabled-but-keep-one

added a few screenshots how this is implemented by other editors (not complied yet ;-) )
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