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32 or 64
« on: November 09, 2018, 08:58:29 AM »
I have problems with the 64-bit version of HippoEdit. All sorts of things just don't work properly -- keystrokes like ^V produce error messages, things like that. The 32-bit version is fine, however.

The autoupdate always tries to install the 64-bit version.

On both the systems I use HippoEdit on (one is Win 10, the other Win 7) for some reason, the %ProgramFiles(x86)% and %ProgramFiles% environment variables point to c:\program files (x86). No idea why or how, and the registry entries from which those variables are set are as they should be.

So some questions:

1. Is 64-bit HippoEdit broken because it's installed in \program files but the %ProgramFiles% variable is set wrong?

2. Did HippoEdit have something to do with the inappropriate resetting of %ProgramFiles% to C:\Program Files (x86)?

3. Should the HippoEdit updater respect the 32-bit status of the running version and not download the 64-bit version without being asked, or is that related to the %ProgramFiles% variable too?

4. (maybe not a fair question!) do you have any idea how I make the %ProgramFiles% variable point to where it should be without risking breaking anything?

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Re: 32 or 64
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2018, 11:51:53 AM »
Hi obvilion,

first, the issue with not working shortcuts, I assume is not connected to your problem with mixed 32/64 version and environment variables.
It is an old, known bug, which I still can not catch because nobody can explain how to reproduce it :/
The description and solution can be found in the wiki:

HippoEDIT does not change environment variables, except adding in the %PATH% env variable a path to HippoEDIT. And only after selecting corresponding option (by default OFF) in the installer.
So, I do not think it has something to do with HE.

The updater normally selects the same architecture (32/64) and type of executable (stable/beta) when doing auto-update. Yes, you can not select different architecture in the Update Manager list - I may think about adding this option (but nobody else yet complained ;) ).

With my test, HippoEDIT x32 respected the architecture and downloaded the proper installer. Here is repository request URL was used:

Are you sure you are using x32 version? Check it in About dialog.

BR, Alex.