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Title: HippoEdit vs RJ TextEd
Post by: ntmywzc on July 16, 2009, 09:12:56 AM

Its Syntax Editor can customize "Class completion" and "Tag completion" !
Title: Re: HippoEdit vs RJ TextEd
Post by: alex on July 16, 2009, 11:41:26 AM
Hi ntmzwyc,

can you please provide more detailed description or give a direct link to desired feature ;)
Maybe this is also possible in HippoEDIT or would be possible soon, if you would explain what a purpose of the functions you have mentioned :)

I have checked Class Completion. This can be archived also in HE with defining special style for every class and then list of keywords allowed after it. But I think Class Completion in RJ Text Edit is a some kind of simple Intelli Sense feature which could not be done really good if editor does not know the programming language. So, from my opinion, correct way for this would be auto-completion plugin which would suggest really intellectually. But I would keep in mind such functionality and maybe would add it for some simple cases... Generally trying of RJ I was not able to get Class Completion working :/. Also have not understand difference between Class Completion and Tag Completion...

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,