Author Topic: Script Plugins, Eventing, UI integration  (Read 9450 times)

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Re: Script Plugins, Eventing, UI integration
« Reply #15 on: November 16, 2011, 11:49:40 PM »
Hi Stefan,

I think here is some basic misunderstanding ;)

Script plugins, when loaded decide by them self, where they want to add a menu or a toolbar. You, as end user could not influence this (if you do not change a script plugin code, of course). Their location does not matter. Editor just needs to find them and execute (if enabled). And will search in plugins folder and all sub folders for them. Same as this is done for binary plugins.

What you have requested, is more relevant for tools scripts. They are not too different from standard tools in HE, so there you have a freedom to organize them as you like, put in sub menu or what ever. But they are not collected automatically. You just need to point to a script file as for normal tool.

The basic difference from script plugins and tool scripts are that first stay resident in memory waiting for user actions during all lifetime of the session and second executes by request and immediately exists. As normal tool.

So the problem with script plugins with automatic collection from plugins folder, that if user will place, by mistake, tool plugin in plugins folder, it will be executed, on start up. but only first time, because HE will notice, that no handler left after script exits, and will skip it execution next time. Same for includes. So, this, somehow will also fix problem, if script placed into plugins folder has includes located beside.

Best regards,