Author Topic: Favourite Directory (Interactive Directory) does not add my selected folder.  (Read 2999 times)


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When I add a favourite, using Interactive Directory, it prompts me to select a folder.

After confirmation, the favourite item is blank.

Click OK, and the next time I want to add a favourite item, I am repeatedly prompt to select a directory, but no matter what I just cannot add another favourite (And the current Interactive is blank). I could only workaround is to modify the HippoEDIT.config (On last paragraph).

I selected a directory with only English name and English version of HE.

Similar thing happened to Interactive as well.
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Hi Samuel,

I think the bug here that you at all see interactive items in the list.
Because there is no sense to use it for folder Favorites (at least I do not see it ;) )

So this items will be hidden in new beta.

Best regards,